Young People: Enter to win the $50,000 Peace First Prize

Are you, or do you know, a young person working to increase peace? If so you, you should know about the Peace First Prize! From Peace First, the Boston-based non-profit behind the prize:

Are you a young person who's taken action to make your school or community more peaceful?

Do you know a young person who's taken personal risks to stand up for their beliefs? Who's rallied others to make a difference?

Bauer: Parents As Backbones

Salinas Californian: Parents As BackbonesThe latest in the Salinas Californian's series of stories on CASP and the For Our Future / Para Nuestro Futuro campaign: an interview on "backbone parenting" by CASP's Stacy Hughes with Kathy Bauer, a parent educator and the director of Salinas non

Maradei: The difference between discipline and child abuse

Salinas Californian interview with David Maradei of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Monterey CountyThe Salinas Californian recently ran this interview with David Maradei of the Child Abuse Prevention Council, on understanding something that can have a very big influence on a child's likelihood of growing up to commit or suffer from violence: 

The difference between healthy discipline and child abuse.

According to David, it's a difference that many parents don't really understand — for example, in his words, "spanking is just another word for hitting." 

Read on to learn more.

Thanks to For Our Future's Sonja Koehler for conducting the interview.

Stemler: We can reduce violence by reducing exposure at home

Salinas Californian article: Breaking the cycle of violence where it startsThe Salinas Californian continues its series of articles about the For Our Future campaign, with an interview with Kim Stemler of First 5 Monterey County, by Sonja Koehler.

Kim and Sonja are both active members of the Community Alliance for Safety and Peace.

In the interview, Kim explains how early exposure to violence -- whether physical or emotional -- can lead to serious emotional troubles, including the likelihood that a child will grow up to commit more violence.

Californian Highlights For Our Future / Para Nuestro Futuro

Salinas Californian front page with stories on For Our Future and CASPThe Salinas Californian has begun an ongoing series that will give deep coverage to our campaign to restore peace and give our children a better future.

Check out the December 1, 2012 edition, which devotes nearly the entire front page to CASP and For Our Future / Para Nuestro Futuro. The web version includes a terrific multimedia slide show to go with the story about community policing in the Hebbron.


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